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Provide overall solutions for woodworking machinery and equipment

Haomei Woodworking Machinery

Save costs and improve efficiency for you!

  • Personalized customization

    Personalized customization

    A comprehensive enterprise such as woodworking machinery that has focused on R&D, production and sales for many years;

    With a complete range of products, it is currently one of the most complete production line equipment manufacturers in the panel furniture equipment industry;

    With more than ten experienced and technical senior masters, they have been engaged in the production, processing and research and development of woodworking machinery and other equipment for many years;

    Our company can provide customers with customized woodworking machinery and equipment solutions according to the needs of users;

  • Full service support

    Full service support

    Provide free commissioning services for newly purchased products, free personnel operation training services, and product technical support services;

    Strictly follow the national "Three Guarantees" policy and provide free warranty service for the product for a period of 1 year;

    After the expiration of the warranty period, we guarantee that you will enjoy the supply of spare parts and high-quality maintenance services at a lifetime price;

    Quick response to fault feedback information, providing solutions within 24 hours in Guangdong Province and 48 hours in Mainland China within normal working days;



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    Production video-02
    Production video-03
    Production video-04



        ABOUT US


        Company Profile

        Foshan Haomei Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional R & D, production and sales of woodworking machinery and comprehensive enterprise. Located near Foshan Shunde Lunjiao Woodworking Machinery International City Lunjiao sheep Industrial Zone, the traffic is very convenient. Has many years engaged in woodworking machinery and other equipment production and processing research and development and rich experience of senior technical master more than. Its products with excellent quality and perfect after-sales service to win customers trust and affirmation.


        The company's main products include: sealing machine, cutting machine, drill etc..


        "To the quality of survival, to the credibility of development" is our business philosophy has always been; "proactive, innovative and pragmatic...

        Company Reality


        Grasp the pulse of the market and seize the opportunity
        Copyright ? Foshan Haomei Machinery Co., Ltd. all rights reserved.Technical Support:ceall.net.cn
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